In Training

As summer reaches its end, the dark nights approach and tomorrow heralds the arrival of Autumn with the Autumnal Equinox, normal people head indoors, wrap up warm and wait for Spring. So what the hell do I do?

I start training for not one but two 10k runs next year. Why I couldn’t have started the training in the spring and hibernate in winter is beyond me, but they will be for a worthwhile course. Plus I’ve managed to rope my new work colleagues into it too.

I’ve set myself a little schedule and downloaded some app thing for my phone that tells me how far I’ve ran and the speed I ran at, and now I’ve got other people joining me, there will literally be no turning back from this.

The first run will be the Manchester 10k at the end of May and I, along with my colleagues and anyone else I can grab to do it, will be running for the Speed of Sight charity. The second will be the Bury 10k which will be held next September and the cause on that occasion will be for dementia/Alzheimer’s.

The second one will be quite poignant for me as my father suffered from dementia before he passed away when I was sixteen. I know it has taken me a long time to do something like this, but it’s only in recent years that I actually discovered the nature of his illness.

So both are very worthwhile charities and I will be posting details on here and via Twitter in the coming months, as well as blogging about these two impending near-death experiences.

I was actually inspired to start running again after watching the Paralympics, and realised just how lucky I am to be able bodied. I think the one that really caught my eye was the one-legged high jumper. The determination, courage and pure strength to do what he did was incredible and I have nothing but total admiration and respect for Paralympians.

Onto other issues and my Twitter followers will no doubt be aware that I’m doing another read through and edit of Invisible. It’s amazing how many tiny mistakes can be identified, even when you think you’ve been through the lot with the finest of toothcombs, there’s always one that manages to escape.

I’m hoping to have it finished in a couple of weeks, once I’ve managed to put one or two personal issues to bed. Following that, my internet series will then continue to be written (I’ve hit a major writers block on that) and the first series will hopefully be live soon.

That’s enough for now, look out for my tweets advising when Invisible will be live on Kindle so you can get buying it.

Have a great evening





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