Agents – Final Attempt

I’m up nice and early on a Sunday for once and this morning I’ve busied myself with submitting to a few agents.

I know, you don’t have to tell me I’ve created my book cover (I do remember doing it last weekend), and I’m getting it ready to go onto Kindle, however I just wanted to give Invisible one last opportunity to get published in the traditional way. I would love to see it on the bookshelves and if it’s meant to be, it will happen. If not, well it’s their loss.

The big problem with submitting to agents is the sheer number of different guidelines each one has. I mean, one agent says they want a synopsis no more than two pages long, others just one page. Then another wanted it in no more than three hundred words! I know I write but I can’t condense an entire novel in three hundred words.

Then some want the first three chapters, some the first fifty pages, the first ten thousand words. So I’ve sat here this morning and adapted my submissions accordingly and if I don’t get any favourable responses, I will unleash my wrath. Well, it’ll go on Kindle, that’s about as much wrath as I could muster.

So what have you got planned for your Sunday? I’m looking out of the window to see clear blue skies, the sun beating down and feel a walk in the fresh, autumn air shouting me. “Come out and play in the leaves,” it is saying so I’m going to try and drag the family out for a walk, so I can take some pictures of autumn. I love the autumn, especially in October when we’re building up to Halloween.

I tried to work on my Internet series Demonic last night, however I promised my daughter I would transfer a ton of her music onto her IPod. So I started ripping her numerous CD’s onto my laptop and attempted to transfer it over but, Apple products being Apple products it decided it wouldn’t work for me. I then realised the music was in the wrong format for an IPod so, after deleting all the albums and re-ripping them in the right format, it should be really quick to transfer over.

I started this process at around 4pm and finished around midnight. Why do Apple have to make things so incompatible with everything else? Oh of course, I forgot about money and profit, how silly of me to forget, I should really have known better.

So now I’ve ticked off quite a few things to do and am now about to start again on Demonic. I’m hoping it will go live in the New Year, but want to write a few episodes first.

That’s it for me for now, I’m going to be posting some of my autumn pictures when I’ve taken them but for now, be well and have a good day.



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