Mount Snowdon

Greetings. I hope you have all had a good weekend. As you may well know, last weekend I walked Mount Snowdon for the first, and possibly last time, so I thought I would share my experience with you all.

For those that don’t know, Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales and UK’s second highest, standing at over 3,000 feet above sea level. There are several paths that walkers can take, but we chose the Llanberis path which, by sheer coincidence starts at the gorgeous little town of Llanberis.

It didn’t start too well. To get to the path, we had to walk up one of the steepest roads I have ever walked, so by the time I got to the actual path, I was ready for bed and just wanted to return to the Travelodge at Llandudno we’d stayed in the night before. Finally at the path, and here’s the picture to prove it, we started the long trek up the mountain.

It took a while as some of the path was rocks and stone, while other parts were nice and flat. All the way along, the train which goes to the top, and in hindsight should have taken, kept passing by us, teasing us suckers who were walking. However, it was a charity walk so that would have been cheating.

Eventually after who knows how long (all the minutes merged into one long hour) Snowdon came into view and we realised with utter horror just how far we had to walk to the summit.

 At about half way, there’s a small café where we stopped to have a sleep, sorry to eat, sleep was not involved at all, that came later. Then came the hellish climb. The path was littered with rocks, but the biggest enemy was the wind. It was absolutely relentless and several times I lost my balance. The weird part is that you could actually hear the wind building up ahead of you, so you had time to brace yourself. It was strange to see people being blown about up ahead, then it would hit you like a steam train.

As we got closer to the summit, it got very steep, but the views were tremendous. With about half an hour to go before the summit, we came across this absolutely stunning view.

It didn’t seem real, like someone had just painted a life-like picture on the wall opposite. To be honest, I’ve never seen such a view. But on the negative side, directly in front of us was a sheer drop. I have no idea how far down the drop was; there was no way I was going to the edge to check!

We carried on battling the wind but, as the summit came into view, we were told it was too dangerous and windy to continue. I couldn’t even get any pictures from the top as it was just too scary to do so. It was absolutely heart-breaking to get so far and not even get some photos from the highest point in Wales. Therefore I have to convince my family to go back and do it again. Wish me luck.

To cap it all off, we got back to the car to discover we had a flat tyre and had to drive home, 120 miles going less than 50mph on a space saver tyre. But not to worry, the Chinese takeaway at half past ten made up for it.

So now, I can safely say that, I have seen and walked Mount Snowdon and received second degree sunburn to my head and neck. So advice to anyone planning to do this walk. Be prepared, it gets steep and your legs will feel like jelly the next day. Take sun cream and prepare to battle the wind. Wear the right shoes.

I’ve attached some more photos, hope you enjoy the photos




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