Book Review – Dawn Among The Stars By Samantha Heuwagen

Good afternoon people. I know I’ve not blogged for a long time – not being well for eight months without progress does that to you. Anyway I thought I’d mark a return to blogging by reviewing a book, and this this on is Dawn Among The Stars by Samantha Heuwagen.

The Plot

You know I love a good sci-fi novel so when I got the chance to review this book, I knew it was right up my street and jumped at the chance. The story centres around three humans who have been caught up in a cataclysmic, intergalactic war with aliens that they didn’t even know existed. When a group of aliens called the La’ Mursians arrive on earth, the human race suddenly realises they are not alone in the universe. But their new friends come with a dire warning – a race called the Termorshians have discovered Earth’s location and are on their way, and only the La’ Mursians, or Shielders as the humans call them, can protect humanity from annihilation.

The story follows three people caught up in the ensuing war and their struggles to come to terms with what has happened to their planet and the human race. Kayin Aves is the first person to follow as she deals with her own mental health issues as well as battling to survive. When she realises the Shielders cannot evacuate every human, she makes a brave decision to return home to her family, despite the obvious dangers this brings.

Next up is Henry Rickner. Henry is the former boyfriend of Kayin who wants to sign up for and fight in the military against the Termorshians. Rejected, he then realises he should never have left Kayin and sets off on a journey to find her. On his way, he meets some nice, some not so nice people as he struggles to survive the war that is raging around him.

The last character is Melissa Pebbles, Kayin’s work colleague and best friend. Melissa is lucky in the fact that she managed to find her family and be with them when the war started. Surviving the initial Termorshian attack, Melissa’s first priority is to keep her family safe and she will do anything to make that happen. She befriends a Shielder and discovers the truth about why the Shielders are on Earth in the first place.

What I liked

The style of writing is excellent. To switch from viewpoint to viewpoint is a very hard thing to do with just two characters, as each character’s path needs to be laid out and have no unfilled gaps, so to do it with three characters is remarkable and the writer does this to perfection.

The characters are well described and the writer must have put a lot of time and effort to get the character descriptions to such a level.

I also liked the different viewpoints. I’ve seen it done once in a James Patterson novel (Witch and Wizard) and thought it was a really good perspective, however the two main characters in those novels were mainly together. In Dawn Among the Stars, all three were separate, which makes the job of the writer much harder, but again, Samantha has pulled this off brilliantly.

Profanities / Sexual Content

These things do not bother me if done tastefully and within the context of the book and the environment it creates. There is no sexual content in the book, just the odd hint every now and again, but there are a few profanities. However these are not excessive and fit very well into the book.


I can’t do a book review without a couple of gripes so here we go. My first gripe is that there was not enough of Kayin. Samantha has written each of the three characters stories in one go, so once Kayin is over, it’s onto Henry then Melissa and my fear is that I’ll completely forget what Kayin has done in this book. On the positive side, it gives the reader (mainly me) an excuse to re-read the book and reacquaint myself with the characters.

My second gripe is the ending. Samantha, you really cannot leave it off like that, I want to know what happens!!! It is a really evil, but excellent way to end the book and I can’t wait to read the next instalment, so you’d better be getting ready to publish.

Would I Read This Again?

Absolutely. Samantha has created a world, a universe in fact that could be up there with some of the best sci-fi stories ever told. Her imagination seems to have no end and I’m looking forward to reading more of her work


I thoroughly enjoyed Dawn Among The Stars and give it a definite 10/10


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