About Me

I hate these pages, but I read somewhere that people want to know about the writer of the books they are reading, so here goes.

I was born in East Manchester in 1973, the youngest of four children. East Manchester was rough at the time (who am I kidding, it’s still RAF now) so it was a tough childhood. In high school, I was bullied endlessly which led to me spending a lot of time in my bedroom reading and guessing the conclusion to books, or at the local library.

I left school at sixteen with several GCSE’s, however all were grade D or below. After wasting two years of my life on a Youth Training Scheme, I found myself unemployed for four year. During this time, I went back to college to resit Maths and English and also met my future wife.

I got married in 1998 and still married to this day (yes to the same woman) and have two children. I’ve had several jobs, been made redundant twice and suffered the cruel fate of an unfair dismissal (winning an out of court settlement).

I began writing around 2003 when I wrote my first novel. It got rejected a few times but, when I read it back I realised that it was nowhere near ready to be published. Eventually, I shelved the book as I didn’t like the story or the way it was written. Besides, I’d just had a great idea for another novel called Invisible.

Initially, it was going to be aimed at the adult audience but, after writing half of it, in the third person format, I decided to change the whole story towards the young Adult genre and also adapt it to be written in the first person.

Which brings me to present day and, although I have finished Nathan Yorke’s first adventure, there are at least two more to come. It has taken me a few years to get this story  right, but now I think I’m there.