Update On Invisible – Pre-Release And Publications Dates

Good evening to you all, I hope you’ve all had a good day, and now the worst of the week is over, it’s now a straight run all the way to the weekend. Tonight I want to share some news about my debut book. Continue reading


Best of Luck

May. The traditional time for the football season to end (sad face) but the summer is almost upon us (happy face). And this year it’s a World Cup Year (ecstatic face). It also means that all across the country, teenagers stress levels have reached ridiculous proportions. But this year, is different. One of them is my daughter.

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May Goals

Good evening, and what a glorious day it has been, and there’s still many more hours of this gorgeous weather to enjoy. If you’re from outside the UK, you probably won’t understand why we get so excited when the good weather arrives, unless you live in the Antarctic. Do I have any readers from the Antarctic? Do you get Wi-Fi? Please get in touch if you are, I really want to know if you get Wi-Fi.

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Inspiration And Influences

I seem to be on a roll with blog posts at the moment. To be honest I’m sat watching The Walking Dead, but am really bored with this series. It just seems so typical of the current climate that food is scarce yet bullets are readily available. Even in an apocalypse, killing people is more important than saving people!

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