Hi and thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Pete Cummings and I’m an aspiring Young Adult writer and book reviewer. I’ve written and currently editing my first novel Invisible, the first three chapters of which you can read here.

People who have read the manuscript have said that it will do really well on Kindle, however I don’t want to self publish just yet; I really want, if possible to go down the traditional route. I don’t own a Kindle device and prefer to hold a book in my hand, feel the pages and smell the paper, particularly in older books. That’s something you can’t get from an electronic device. Obviously, if the traditional route doesn’t pay off, Kindle will be the only option, but that is a very last resort.

I’m going to use my blog for all kinds of things; updates regarding Invisible and its sequels, my life and opinions and will also be reviewing books that I have read and currently reading.

You can also follow me on Twitter by clicking the Follow Me button on the right. Be warned that, as well as tweeting about my book, there will be tweets about football (I support Manchester City) opinion pieces and general stupidity. I don’t tweet to offend, I just like to have a laugh and have a bit of fun, so anyone tweeting me to post abuse will be blocked.

I hope you like my blog and keep checking back for updates. If you’re an agent or publisher who has just stumbled across the blog and interested in reading my manuscript and maybe representing me, please get in touch.

With best wishes